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PRESS RELEASE: Researchers develop first international standards for quality of life measurement in cancer

31st January 2020BY MARY RICE

For the first time, recommendations for the analysis of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in cancer clinical trials have been developed by an international group of experts. The recommendations will help to determine more consistent and comparable Quality of Life (QoL) results from clinical trials…

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Our latest manuscript is here!

November 19th 2019

A pre-print of the SISAQOL consensus recommendations based on literature review and an international multi-expert, multi-stakeholder collaborative process is available.

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The SISAQOL initiative during the 5th EORTC Quality of Life Conference in Brussels

Several SISAQOL Consortium members presented during the 5th EORTC Quality of Life Conference in Brussels.
Recordings from the conference presentations, including the presentation on the SISAQOL work, are available on the conference website.

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Read our systematic review on patient-reported outcomes in metastatic breast cancer

There is little consensus on how PRO and HRQoL data should be analyzed in randomized clinical trials. This systematic review evaluates the current situation in the field of metastatic breast cancer, revealing the many statistical issues that need to be addressed to improve the analysis and interpretation of PRO data.

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