Late breaking abstracts

General information

Abstract submission will be open between 18-25 September.

Late-breaking abstracts describe the latest advances that will change our daily clinical practice. They should highlight novel and practice-changing studies. Focus is placed on capturing abstracts with ground-breaking and unique data that would not otherwise have been presented at the Symposium.

Examples of suitable late-breaking abstracts might include the results of a practice-changing prospective Phase III clinical trial; a Phase II study showing anti-tumor activity in a novel context; an early clinical trial with novel proof-of-principle data, or the demonstration of novel cancer biology with therapeutic implications – in each case the results should not have been fully available by the regular abstract submission deadline.

Important note:

The late-breaking abstract deadline is not an extension of regular abstract submission deadline.
No placeholder abstract(s) need to be submitted by the regular abstract deadline.

In case of any abstract related queries please contact: