MCCR Alumni Club

Who are we?

The MCCR Alumni Club (MAC), formerly Flims Alumni Club, is a non-profit organisation established in 2001. The MCCR Alumni Club responds to the interests and needs of highly driven European junior clinical oncologists by offering an expanding range of benefits exclusive to its members.

MAC membership is free, and open solely to young professionals and faculty who participated in the EORTC-ESMO-AACR Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research. After seventeen editions (1999-2015) occurring in Flims, Switzerland, the MCCR Workshop relocated to the Netherlands – firstly to Zeist, and now to Sint-Michielsgestel.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Every cancer patient receives the best treatment and care through innovation.

To foster and nurture early career investigators by providing a platform for best practice and knowledge exchange for clinical and translational research in cancer.


  • To foster the active involvement of early career investigators in clinical and translational research.
  • To promote the teaching, study and dissemination of methods in cancer research, and thus contribute to increase the quality of clinical trials and translational research.
  • To ensure and encourage multidisciplinarity and collaboration across all stakeholders in investigator initiated clinical and translational cancer research.
  • To establish a platform (for alumni) for educational exchanges, practical methods, support and advice in clinical and translational research throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


MAC membership is free, and open exclusively to young professionals and faculty who participated in the EORTC-ESMO-AACR Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research.

Responding to the interests and needs of highly driven European junior clinical oncologists, the MAC offers a broad and expanding range of benefits exclusive to members:

  • Exclusive access to the MAC Members Directory
  • Direct networking opportunity via the MAC LinkedIn Group
  • Receiving information on upcoming educational webinars and future meetings for members and faculty
  • Receiving updates on a variety of opportunities including research, travel and educational grants, as well as fellowship / post-doc positions
  • Receiving information on important conference and meeting deadlines, such as abstract submission, as well as details surrounding upcoming events in oncology

To further serve the upcoming generation of experts in cancer treatment, care and practice, the MAC is striving to set up additional initiatives.

If you have any other queries related to MAC, please contact us at


Young Investigators Workshop

The MCCR Alumni Club will organise a Young Investigators Workshop on How to write a protocol in the framework of the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-13, Barcelona, Spain,16-18 November 2022).
The workshop will be held on Friday 18 November from 07:45 to 08:45 CET and will be chaired by Magda Meissner (MAC President) and Renske Altena (MAC Secretary). Confirmed speakers in this workshop are Inez Vaz Luiz (Institut Gustave Roussy, FR), Elizabeth Bergsten-Nordstrom (Swedish Breast Cancer Association, SE) and Emiel J.T. Rutgers (Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL).
Further information about EBCC-13 can be found on the conference website.


On Wednesday 6 October 2021, EORTC and the MCCR Alumni Club (MAC) organised a webinar on “Thinking outside the box in clinical trial design”. The webinar was moderated by Gabe Sonke (The Netherlands Cancer Institute) and targeted at young clinical researchers to give them guidance on building their career.
Paolo Bossi (Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy) gave a presentation on “Pitfalls and challenges faced by early career investigators in trial design”. Daniela Morales-Espinosa (Treasurer MCCR Alumni Club, Spain) presented on “What’s beyond the classic phase I-II-III clinical trial design?”.
A recording of the webinar is available below.

MAC/EORTC Webinar Oct 2021

MAC Steering Committee

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Magdalena Meissner

Marina Milic

Marina Milic

Pierluigi Bonomo

Pierluigi Bonomo
(Past President)

Daniela Morales-Espinosa

Daniela  Morales-Espinosa

Renske Altena

Renske Altena
(Secretary General)

Giuseppe Lamberti

Giuseppe Lamberti

Alberto Puccini

Alberto Puccini

Mariela Vasileva-Slaveva

Mariela Vasileva-Slaveva