16-18 November 2022
Barcelona, Spain

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European Breast Cancer Council (EBC Council) is an association of European organisations involved in breast cancer. The three founding members of the organisation are EORTC Breast group, EUSOMA and Europa Donna. The mission of the Association is to raise awareness and improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of breast cancer patients.

EBCC-13 EBC Council - Illustration
EBCC-13 - EBC Council - Illustration

Goals and objectives in support of the Association’s mission:

  • Increase awareness for breast cancer

  • Promote consensus on controversial issues concerning breast cancer

  • Uphold and disseminate guidelines related to screening, prevention, treatment, research and care aspects of breast cancer in cooperation with our members and partners

  • Promote and support educational activities of professionals and advocates in the field of breast cancer

  • Promote and support research initiatives and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of breast cancer

  • Promote and support initiatives aiming at improving the quality of care

  • Build a reliable source of information on breast cancer

  • Streamline communications between different actors active in breast cancer prevention, education, advocacy and all aspects of research, treatment and care

  • Stimulate and support the coordination of breast cancer events in Europe

  • To further the above goals and objectives, the Association provides a platform for its Members and Partners by carrying such activities as the organisation of international scientific meetings and study groups, amongst other events.