16-18 November 2022
Barcelona, Spain

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The Conference is open to bona fide representatives of print and electronic media to cover remotely via the online platform or in person onsite in Barcelona. Registration is free of charge to journalists who are in possession of a valid, recognised press card. Freelance journalists must present a commissioning letter on headed paper from a recognised news organisation or publication. 

To register and to supply a copy of your press card or of the commissioning letter, visit the online media application. 

Journalists must register in person. Applications for media registration made via pharmaceutical, marketing or public relations companies will not be considered. 

If journalists have any questions about the media programme, please contact: Emma Mason or Kerry Noble, EBCC media consultants, at info@ricemasonnoble.eu.

PLEASE NOTE: Representatives of public relations companies, advertising agencies, marketing companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial analysts and their publications are not permitted to register as journalists, but they are welcome to register as regular participants at the Conference. 


Please respect embargo times and dates on news stories.

The majority of the Conference abstracts will go online on the Conference website at 12:00 CET on 2 November 2022 and can be reported from that time onwards. Abstracts that will form part of the official media programme will not be published until 07.00 hrs CET on the day they are to be presented to the Conference and will be embargoed to that day. Embargo dates and times are given on the press releases. When asking for outside comment on releases before the embargo has lifted, journalists are requested to ensure that those consulted understand and accept the embargo conditions.

Official media materials will be made available to registered journalists only.


Wednesday 16 November Thursday 17 November Friday 18 November
09:00 – 12:15 07:45 – 16:00 07:45 – 12:00
14:30 – 18:15 14:30 – 16:30



Filming and recording of Conference sessions for commercial reasons (e.g. publication in print, online or broadcast) is prohibited unless permission has been sought and obtained from the EORTC media consultant. Recording of sessions for journalists’ personal use is permitted.

We request all journalists and other attendees to abide by the decisions of the individual presenters.

Photographing posters is forbidden for publication (online or in print) unless the presenting author has given permission.

Anyone who does not abide by these regulations will be refused access to the Conference.


The media registration entitles the holder to the following: 

  • Access to the official EBCC-13 news briefing
  • Access to all sessions in the official programme (live and on-demand)
  • Access to EBCC-13 Virtual Platform
  • Dedicated filming area with interview rooms

For further information about the media programme, contact the Media consultants at info@ricemasonnoble.eu


Companies wishing to organise any press conference for the media during the event should send a request in writing to the EBCC-13 Secretariat (ebcc@eortc.org). It is not permitted to schedule media events to coincide with key conference sessions. Any media briefings or other media events must pertain to presentations being made to the conference in oral or poster sessions, and not at satellite symposia alone. Reference to the conference can only be made in connection with scientific presentations planned in the official programme of the meeting. This applies to any media event. The programme and invitations for any third party media event should be submitted to and agreed in writing by the EBCC-13 Secretariat before any invitations are sent out. 

 All third party press releases relating to the conference must be labelled clearly with the abstract number, time and date of presentation to the conference. All third party media materials, including press releases, media invitations, flyers and posters, should be submitted to, and agreed by the EBCC-13 Secretariat before they are issued to the media. Third party press releases relating to late breaking and oral abstracts must be embargoed to the date of the presentation, with the earliest possible embargo time being 00.01 hrs CET on the day of presentation; for those relating to other abstracts in the official media programme, please discuss embargoes with the EBCC Secretariat (ebcc@eortc.org). 

 Studies that form part of the official EBCC-13 media programme cannot be included by third parties in their own news briefings before the official EBCC-13 news briefing. 

 Third party media materials (including press releases, media invitations, flyers and posters) must not contain the logos of EBCC-13, EBC Council or any of its members (unless it is material from one of those members) and must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by the 13th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-13), EBC Council or any of its members (unless it is material from one of those members). 

PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding media registrations belongs to EORTC. Past and current media lists are not available to be given, rented, or sold to third party organisations.