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EBCC-14 will focus on research and innovation in the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer care, and will include new data on prevention, medical oncology, surgical oncology, imaging, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and basic and translational research.

The three-day event will also offer thought-provoking debates, keynotes, best practices, society meetings, and clinical science symposia. The programme highlights the importance of teamwork, interactions among specialists, and features new engaging sessions such as the inaugural ‘Investigator Awards‘ for innovation and multidisciplinarity.

We are thrilled to offer new opportunities to promote your organisation and services, including exclusive digital options on our Conference App. Join us in Milan for an exceptional EBCC-14 experience, bringing together breast cancer specialists worldwide to share knowledge, to learn, and to network.

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For further information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact:

Rosa Ciloglu
Avenue E. Mounier 83, B-1200 Brussels



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**AIFA – Requests for authorisation of conferences and meetings in Italy
Any Italian or foreign marketing authorisation holder (or company engaged in the marketing of pharmaceuticals based on an agreement with the respective MAH), wishing to organise or participate in the organisation of a conference or a meeting on topics related to the use of pharmaceuticals, should submit to AIFA a request for authorisation of a proposed conference or meeting, whose technical nature will be then assessed by AIFA.
This is in line with article 124 of Italian legislative decree 219/2006.

Please connect with the following:

Atlante Viaggi Italia Srl
Via Bandello, 1
20123 Milano

As per Italian law, the AIFA authorization is necessary
• for each pharmaceutical company (with Marketing Authorization Holder or the companies responsible for the actual marketing of pharmaceutical products) sponsoring the congress on topics in any way related to the use of its own pharmaceutical products.
The AIFA authorization is not necessary
• when a company promotes by advertising only medical devices or food supplements during a congress (products without Marketing Authorization)
• when a company sponsors a meeting about topics not related to the use of any of its own medicinal products; in this case the company is not allowed to expose or distribute any kind of advertising material during the meeting (Section 9 art. 124 D.L. n.219/06)

This conference has been certified compliant with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.